Terms and Conditions

Ordering/Payment Information

A 60% Deposit is required on all orders along with a signed estimate with color, texture and material selections. No production will begin until all of the necessary payments and contracts are submitted. An approval drawing will also be provided prior to any manufacturing. The approval must be signed and returned as part of the manufacturing process. Any product not being installed by Classic Stone Creations must be paid prior to delivery/shipment. Any installed product must be paid within 30 days after completion of installation. Any unpaid balance after 30 days will accrue interest at the rate of 1.5 % (18% annually) until the balance is paid in full. After 60 days, Classic Stone Creations reserves the right to add any costs associated with collection and/or legal fees. Classic Stone Creations also reserves the right file all liens that are applicable.

Lead Times

Lead times vary throughout the year and based on the size of the project. Typically lead times average between 4-8 weeks throughout the year. If you need to rush your order please contact our production manager for additional cost and availability.


All reasonable precautions are taken in packaging/crating to prevent shipping damage. However if you receive a damaged crate/pallet you must mark on the delivery paperwork “Damaged crate/pallet, delivery not accepted.” If there are multiple crates/pallets please indicate those that are not accepted. If you accept delivery without inspecting materials you must sign the paperwork “Delivery accepted with exception-contents to be inspected at a later date”. You will have 10 days to inspect material once it has been delivered to the jobsite. If you accept materials and find damage upon internal inspection please photograph and save all pieces and packaging to assist us with your claim. Any material moved by a third party will void any damage claims. We will typically replace any broken material due to shipping with 10 days. All damage claims will be remade at the discretion of Classic Stone Creations.

Our products are manufactured in Charlotte, NC. Classic Stone Creations uses a variety of shipping methods based on the type of product ordered and destination. Locally deliveries are typically delivered on a flatbed with forklift. Out of town deliveries typically are delivered on a flat bed or truck via a common carrier. Common carriers are not responsible for the off loading of any material. A truck with a lift gate may be available for some deliveries. You will need to have available the manpower or equipment necessary to off load your order.


Because acceptable color uniformity and shading intensity are evaluated visually, they are generally a matter of an individual’s subjective judgment and interpretation. Variations in color, texture and shading from piece to piece are not considered defects and are inherent quality of natural and cast stone. We use the same color formulas for every batch but due to the color variations inherent in the raw materials and manufacturing conditions slight color variation can and should be expected. Minor chipping and cracking from shipment and/or handling shall not be grounds for rejection. We follow the Architectural Precast Associations guidelines for issues regarding color uniformity and finish/texture. All precast materials should be viewed from a distance of 20 feet to review color, surface finish and patches/repairs.

Limited Warranty

Classic Stone Creations warrants it products to be free from defects. Variations in color, texture and shading from piece to piece are not considered defects and are an inherent quality of natural and cast stone. Any questions regarding product defects should be reported to Classic Stone Creations prior to installation. Classic Stone Creations warrants our material and installation for a period of one year from the date of installation. Products not installed by Classic Stone Creations are warranted for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment. Any material damage due to structural settling or shifting, inadequate load support is not the responsibility of Classic Stone Creations and will not be warranted. Classic Stone Creations warranty only applies to our materials. No other warranty is offered or implied.